Medicare ANOC Letters Should be Received Soon

If you are a Medicare Advantage member you should be receiving a letter from your current insurance company by early October 2014.  This personalized Annual Notice of Change letter is required by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid to inform you of any changes in cost, coverage, or service area to your plan.  Read this letter very carefully. Information included in this letter are:

  • Changes in service area
  • Changes to your premium for the upcoming year
  • Changes in cost or coverage of your medical benefits
  • Additional benefits now included in the plan or non-Medicare covered benefits that have been removed from the plan for the upcoming year
  • Changes in your drug benefit including cost or pharmacy providers (if a drug benefit is part of your plan)
  • Changes in the drugs that are covered in your benefit plan

When you receive your letter review if carefully to determine your changes.  Will this plan still meet your needs or would you like to see what other plan options there are?  Plans can change dramatically each year and can affect your coverage of the providers, benefits, or drugs you rely on regularly. Remember you only have from October 15, 2014-December 7, 2014 to change plans for the year 2015.  Contact me to set up your personal face-to-face meeting to discuss these plan changes and see if you need a new plan.



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